DIY tips on air conditioning and stone surfaces


Working in your home can always be challenging experience full of excitement and learning moments, but it’s also smart to learn from other people’s experiences, so here is the list of some quick fixes and advises for your home improvement.


cooling-centralaircon-lgIf you have an outdoor home cooling system, you should make sure that the space around it is clean and that there are no obstacles on the airway. This is a device of major importance for your house so keep an eye on it, but also look for:

keep the space around and above your condenser clear for at least 2 feet in any direction, and more on top, in order to protect it from any damage or clogging.

  •  you can clean the condenser yourself, just stick anything thin, like a kitchen knife between the metal sheets to clean in off. This same method can be used to set them straight in case some of the mare crooked or out of place.
  •  level your unit, if you notice it’s uneven. This simple check up can save a lot of time and money in the future.
  •  you can clean the condenser with water, treating it with a garden hose, just make sure you unplug it from the circuit first.
  •  check your vents and air ducts for leaks, if necessary treat it with a heat resistant tape, and don’t use the regular duct tape, as it will dry out and crack.

Finding Perfect Stone Materials From The Quarry

2010101223024215If you are looking for some quality stone, you can always visit the nearest quarry. There you can not only find a good quality stone but also a good advise from experts in the field. If you live near such a quarry, you can ask about classes that allow you to pick up on the knowledge, if you don’t want to hire a staff but do it yourself.

  •  go there at the early or late hours, as the chances of the place being less busy are greater. This way you will have more time and get better results.
  •  get to know the place, quarry is a large place, and there are shops sometimes spread to the far end.
  •  know at least some of what you are looking for, use Google to find something about the stone you like or bring a picture to describe what you prefer. This will make the search quicker and more to the point.
  •  get to know the stone after you choose it, ask questions about it’s characteristics as that can be more important that it’s looks. You don’t want a stone that cracks easy, fades or have some other unwanted feature. Make sure you get it right since that is the point of coming into the quarry.